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The “Terminator” in Battlefields

The “Terminator” in Battlefields

In the Chechen War in 1990s, Russian troops lacked effective covering fire and thus suffered great loss in urban battles. It becomes more and more important for countries to study how to combat effectively and avoid unnecessary casualties among the tall buildings in cities. The Russian “Terminator” fire support combat vehicle BMPT is developed for such a purpose. This high maneuverability multi-purpose tracked combat vehicle has powerful weapons and reliable armour protection. It is based on the chassis of the T-90A tank. Two 30mm automatic guns, one 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and one anti-tank missile system are mounted on the turret. Mounted on both fenders of the front hull are two 30mm grenade launchers; explosive reactive armour modules are fitted on the front and both sides of the hull; there are five crew members.
There were ups and downs in the development of BMPT. Its research started in the 1980s. However, it was suspended several times for various reasons. In July 2002, the real vehicle of BMPT made its debut in the RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS. Its powerful weapons and strong survivability make it an important player in the battlefields. It can operate in all-weather and all-terrain conditions. It can suppress enemy fire no matter whether it operates independently or in coordination with tanks, APCs, IFVs or infantry. Because of its multi powerful weapons and mighty appearance, the BMPT is nicknamed the “Terminator”.
The brand new MENG 1/35 Russian “Terminator” Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT kit will show up in the Hobby Expo China 2014 which will be held in the Beijing Exhibition Center in China between April 30th and May 2nd 2014. This is also the second product MENG has developed with the help of Mr. Alexey Khlopotov.


Gur Khan: как уже писал, с 07 по 09 апреля был в гостях у Менга в Шеньчжене. После этого релиза можно уже сказать, что как раз там, на месте, занимался инспекцией подготовки к производству БМПТ и обсуждением перспективных планов. Только прошу учесть, что мы не волшебники, по взмаху палочки модель не делается - это огромные трудозатраты и большие финансовые вложения - время и деньги. По этому все будет развиваться постепенно. А что касается типа "конкурента" - Трумпетера, то на самом деле, это не конкурент. Да, у него развитая сеть продаж и сами продажи хорошо поставлены. Ресурсы большие. Но делает он гавно, потому как в основе чертежи из М-Хобби, преимущественно от Мальгинова, на которые без слез не взглянешь...

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