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Ukroboronservice unveils further details of Mobile Mortar System on Bars-8 chassis

Ukraine’s Ukroboronservice State company has unveiled further details of a Mobile Mortar System concept. The new Mobile Mortar System is intended to for implementation of combat missions in fire support of units comprised of a battery, and as a mobile fire weapon regardless the weather conditions by day and by night rough terrain relief. 
The Mobile Mortar System (hereinafter – UV-MMS) based on a 4×4 Bars-8 infantry mobility vehicles, produced by local company Bogdan Motors.

UV-MMS can hit various group and single targets that were found by reconnaissance and detected independentlylocated in open terrain or in a sheltermobile and fixed UV-MMS can be used for combat against sabotage reconnaissance groups of the enemyair and sea landing troopsas well as against (rovingfire weapons. It has high maneuverabilitysteering response and survivability.
The structure of UV-MMS is based on a modular principle allowing to use various caliber barrels from 81 mm to 120 mm in the composition of the System, and to install the MMS on a whole series of wheeled vehicles: civil pick-ups 4×4, trucks, caterpillar and wheeled APCs.
Automated Fire Control System has a possibility to prepare and process data for firing and aiming of barrel in automatic mode. It can be easily adapted to software, navigation systems and combat control systems of the Customer.
UV-MMS. Image credit by DIGITEC visual engineering
UV-MMS. Image credit by DIGITEC visual engineering
Ukroboronservice is a state company which major activity is the realization of state interests of Ukraine in the field of export / import of products, military-technical and special-purpose services.


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