пятница, 16 ноября 2018 г.

Czech company promotes its new T-72 Scarab in Asia and the Middle East

Czech company Excalibur Army has commenced a renewed push to sell its new modernisation package for Soviet-made T-72 main battle tanks in Asia and the Middle East.

According to the company’s officials, Excalibur Army begins to promote the Scarab modernisation package for T-72 main battle tanks onto the market of Asian and Middle East countries.

Main battle tank T-72 is currently still in service in more than 40 countries in various conditions. Battle proven system and reliability rank this MBT into top ten in the world. Scarab is a modernisation package for upgrading systems and subsystems such as reactive armor, optical devices and upgrade of an engine up to 1050hp.

Scarab is designed for contemporary and assymetric conflicts and also missions against enemy equipped with portable anti-tank weapons such as RPGs or TOWs. Its enhanced crew protection, engine output and observation systems offer wider operational capabilities and longer life cycle.

Scarab presents a great affordable solution both for government procurement and army maintenance agenda with excellent value for money ratio.

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