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М-392 будут выпускать серийно?


буржуйский Джейнс о чем то узнал?


UVZ unveils M-392 light howitzer

Russia`s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) research and manufacturing corporation, a subsidiary of Rostec, has developed the M-392 light howitzer, Jane`s has learnt.
UVZ has developed the M-392 122 mm light howitzer. (Nikolai Novichkov) 
UVZ has developed the M-392 122 mm light howitzer. (Nikolai Novichkov)

The new gun is intended to replace the aging M-30 mod 1938 howitzer that is still in use by more than 40 countries. "The M-392 can fire the whole munition range of the M-30 gun. It is deployed in assault formations and provides direct fire support to attackers," a company representative said, referring to the manoeuvrability of the howitzer. "The M-392 can be deployed on the battlefield within 60 seconds. The gun can be easily transported by its crew as its weight is very low," he added.

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