среда, 8 ноября 2017 г.

120mm Intelligent Mortar Round by I.M.I - Raytheon - RAFAEL

with Intelligent Brain on board. In conjunction with USA Raytheon Corporation, Israel Military Industries (IMI) & RAFAEL in production & placed aboard IDF MBT Merkava Mk IV's a state-of-the-art mortar shell which has a range of greater than 10 miles & with an on-board GPS system that hits its targets within a three-yard radius. IDF 'smart mortar' built in celestial guidance system allows armor command to direct the mortar to its designated target with a laser-homing beacon.

TERM 120mm Top Attack Excalibur Merkava tank ammo Tank Extended Range Munitions
RAFAEL Armament Authority of Ramat Hasharon 120mm GPS EXCALIBUR Merkava Mk IV BAZ Tank Round 2010 through 2019 now in service with IDFBecause this new IDF GPS guided mortar is so accurate, it will enable a target to be destroyed with only 1 shot, thus reducing the number of mortar rounds needed and also to be transported. That in turn will greatly reduce the strain on logistic resources during conflicts. The so called 'brain' of the mortar shell is a combination computer, guidance & navigation system that IDF calls 'Pure-Heart' which operates in Pure Digital Real Time.

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