пятница, 29 июня 2012 г.

Т-90С в Алжире

К сожалению, фото и видео изображения танков Т-90С, поставленных в Алжир, редки, тем ценнее материал, любезно предоставленный уважаемым DIDO

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  1. Is the Algerian T-90SA enough to face 200 Moroccan M1A1SA or do they need the T-90MS ?

    1. 1. And what, Morocco is going to attack Algeria?
      2. In Morocco still there are no tanks Abrams
      3. In Algeria there is 186 Т-90S + a new delivery ≈ 360-380
      4. By results of research VNIITM fire power indicators (number of the amazed tanks in unit of time taking into account time of their search) tanks T-90A/SA in day conditions in a defensive situation more, than in 2 times above in comparison with similar indicators for tank M1A2 in an offensive situation; in night conditions these indicators as above almost in 2 times. I will notice that speech here about М1А2 - much more advanced tank, rather than М1А1SA.

      The conclusion arises with sm itself: 200 tanks Abrams to Morocco do not represent threat for Algeria which is armed tanks T-90SA.

      In my opinion, it is expedient to Algeria to finish modernisation of available park T-72M1, to spend the second stage of their modernisation with protection strengthening. And then it is possible to think and of acquisition of one - two battalion complete sets Т-90МS. The last already for a full guarantee of safety. Т-90МS it is necessary to transfer in the most prepared, elite parts.